OccultLet the mythical come to life.
ClientMotion Graphics (school assignment)
Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration
TimeDec 2021
The BriefAs a motion graphics challenge, design and animate a Google Doodle for a day of your own choice.
The ConceptI chose to explore the occult, and make a mystical Google Doodle. Occult Day takes place on November 18th. It's about all things magical such as tarot cards, potions, grimoires, ouija boards and so much more. Let's bring the darkness to life!
The Process — SketchesTo decide my composition for the doodle, I went through several sketching phases and decided to keep the 'Google' letters very clearly visible and make use of a secondary color to create occult objects and animations on top of that.
The Final ProductThis Google Doodle is definitely my new favourite and I would love to see it on Google's site on Occult Day in the future. Discover the final animation below!
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