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The Creation ofa Masterpiece

Giambattista's intentions

Giambattista was a master of the printers who lived in Parma, Italy. He shaped the typographic world and printing business like no other. Major advancements were made, but he also had a little secret of his own.

The Italian type designer, punchcutter and printer drew his influence from the Romains du Roi and the types of John Baskerville, for whom he showed great admiration. Throughout his life, Giambattista completed hundreds of typefaces. Some were well-crafted interpretations, others merely suitable for poster headlines or scraps.

He is known for revolutionising printing houses with a new technique for creating lead letters used in print. He found a way to print his unique letters, with very thin serifs, without leaving an imprint on the page.

His most well-known creation, is the Bodoni typeface. Bodoni even had very specific intentions for the font.

edited painting of giambattista bodoni

The unveiling of Bodoni's secret

You discovered the secret! Bodoni brought a new degree of perfection and delicacy to the printing process. The manner in which Mr. Bodoni gives his works their beautiful smoothness, so that no impression of the letters is perceptible on either side, is the only part of his business that he has kept a secret all these years…

It would radiateelegance

The Bodoni was intended for the most elegant scenes. It pairs well with elegant display imagery, and is useful for large scale logos. It's characters are clear & present on the reader's eyes, and instantly bring elegance to your messaging & brand.

ethereal statue in dramatic pose

It would be fit for thehighest classes

There is something about Italy that exudes luxury. It's in the air, something that reminds of diamonds, high couture and class. Giambattista was inspired by the Italian culture and brought this elegance into the Bodoni typeface.

extravagant jewelry necklace

As a romantic &regal typeface

The typeface was intended for romance, and this value was important for the evolution of Bodoni's use. Due to its timeless style, the Bodoni grows on to be a favourite of many fashion brands and upmarket magazines. The couture industry took over the Bodoni as a new house characteristic, as you can explore in Chapter 2.


And so thethe Bodoniwas created

With it's high contrast between thick and thin strokes, abrupt & hairline thin serifs and its vertical axis, the Bodoni was a brand new tool in the designers' skillset. Discover the characteristics below by tapping on the icons!


hairline thin

The Bodoni typeface was revolutionary because of its serifs. Giambattista no longer made use of connecting curves to the serif. Instead, he made use of very abrupt & hairline thin serifs, to create a very elegant and defined look.


The Bodoni has a very high contrast between the horizontal & vertical strokes. Due to this, the typeface looks very stiff, calm and in control. It also needs a lot of space, both white- and interline space, extra leading and generous margins. With this high contrast, it's best to pair the Bodoni with another font, but not a fussy one.


vertical stress

The Bodoni has very vertical letters. Since it interferes with the horizontal rhythm of long texts, it is not made to be a body text font. The letters tend to lead our eyes up and down instead of left to right, and thus work better as a display typeface.

the dazzle

the dazzle

While the Bodoni can look very elegant due to the regular, rational design and fine strokes, this also causes an effect known as "the dazzle." This dazzle, or legibility degradation, takes place because the thick verticals draw the reader's attention & cause them to struggle to concentrate on the other, much thinner strokes that define which letter is which.

Giambattista didn't leave the people empty handed when it came to styling the font. He himself stated the following about the Bodoni.

Bodoni on the Bodoni

blurred red texture with light and dark shades

Plenty of white space. And, generous line spacing. And, don't make the type size too miserly. Then you will be assured of a product fit for a king.

And as Giambattista intended, the Bodoni surely was

fit for a king



The Age ofof Elegance

Bodoni found its home

The Bodoni typeface had a quick evolution through the world. It was widely seen throughout Europe from the 1800's on, while the US caught up later on.

Due to all of this exploration throughout the world, the Bodoni got many new variants of the typeface. The first and most important one from 1909 being the Bodoni with a more legible twist, made by Morris Fuller Benton of American Type Founders.

It was especially adored in the early fashion industry and became instantly linked to couture designers. From eccentric designs and magnificent dresses, to the most luxurious suits, the Bodoni fit the brand perfectly.

ethereal woman with flowing dress in the wind, with a decorative star behind her

The eye of elegance

The Bodoni became a starting point for many brands that were looking for elegance. It offered an image of class to the brand and gave them elegant display imagery. And let's be honest, everything works better if it's pleasant on the readers eye.

The many uses of Bodoni, or its closest derivations, have been used by fashion magazines and luxury couture as inspiration for their brand. Some of these identities include Valentino, Vogue, Armani, Dior, Calvin Klein & Elle.

large eye looking towards you
first set of logo's of famous brands that use Bodoni second set of logo's of famous brands that use Bodoni

Some designers had their fun

Despite the explorations throughout the world that were made by the Bodoni, there have been very few experimental designs of the typeface throughout time.

The few that do experiment often came from the music industry in modern times, like this cover from Lady Gaga's `The Fame.` These examples have shown that the Bodoni can be used in a bolder colour.

Interested in using bolder colours? Take a look at Slanted's latest magazine! It talks all about the use of colour in your future designs.

cover of Lady Gaga's The Fame Poster for Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' tour

Evolving || Ordinary

Although styles differ, the Bodoni evolved to a common style. Everywhere the Bodoni is used, you can find the same characteristics return, like a checklist.

gallery image 01 - loved gallery image 02 - vogue gallery image 03 - free gallery image 04 - modern gallery image 05 - dionysus gallery image 06 - bazaar gallery image 07 - concerto gallery image 08 - hull gallery image 09 - elle magazine gallery image 10 - cara gallery image 11 - watercolours gallery image 12 - voir gallery image 13 - antiquarian gallery image 14 - king gallery image 15 - soon gallery image 16 - f gallery image 17 - miss gallery image 18 - kel gallery image 19 - a gallery image 20 - w

Pastel colours

Delicate details

A soft touch

The Elegance that Giambattista has designed the Bodoni for has become synonymous with these soft characteristics…

stack of Bodoni examples all with soft characteristics

The Bodoni has become limited in the designer's mind

The Bodoni has become
limited in the designer's mind.

red fan in the shape of an asterisk

Elegancedeserves a new fit

red flower icon



Let's Push Bodoni's Limits

Turn up thesaturation

A great way of pushing Bodoni's limit is pushing his surroundings! Don't use the font with pastels and light colours, instead pair it with a neon pink or a bright blue!

woman swimming in the moonlight

Make itBold

How does that saying go? Bigger, BOLDER & brighter! This is exactly what pushes Bodoni's limits. Elegant themes have their dark side too. Let's bring those into the light!

blurred red texture with light and dark shades

Dare toExperiment

Experimentation can be anything and everything, dare to take on your own methods. If you want some more inspiration, have a look at Slanted's magazines and get inspired!

stack of slanted magazines Explore the magazines

It's time to give Bodoni the brand new suit that it deserves. Create your very own boundary-pushing visual & share it on your social platforms. Together we can bring Bodoni's elegance to higher levels! Visit our site on a laptop to make your own visual!

example of a slanted x bodoni visual you can make on our site!

Time to push the limit

Choose a background colour

Choose a decoration colour

Drag some icons onto the card & make Bodoni your own!

Your message here

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Now that you are on your way to bring Bodoni to new heights, we want to send you off with a little sneak peek of next week's typeface in the spotlight!

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